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About us

MegaJumbo Transportas, UAB is a family company established in 2017 (but we work in forwarding business starting 2015).


Main activity of the company is international freight forwarding within European Union.


Our credo - we deliver cargo on time.


We mostly deliver goods from / to Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, less often to / from Lithuania, Italy and Switzerland.


Though we will review every client’s request.


We load goods at the warehouse and deliver directly to the place of unloading without reloading at intermediate warehouses.


Main freight - full or partial freight (one or two, maximum three deliveries).


We use MEGA type trailers. This gives us opportunity to load freight up to 3 m in height, 13,6 m in length, 2,48 m in width and up to 100 cubic meters. Possible to load from both sides, top and from the back.


All our trailers have valid XL code, aluminum sidebars, 4 stop bars.


Our employees are taught and well-motivated to execute work the way our client expects.


We also provide professional expedition services.